Shades Soft Fuse

Shades Soft Fuse

pack of 8" x 9" sheets or yardage


We have more Soft Fuse on order from the distributor. If we are out of the size you want, send us an email and we will save it for you when we get our shipment.

Shades Soft Fuse is a paperbacked fusible web product used in all of our component pieces.

If you’re feeling froggy and want to make your own custom shapes, you can use these sheets to back your own components.

All rolls of Shades SoftFuse are wrapped around a sturdy core tube for protection during shipping and storage and are protected by a reusable, clear plastic sleeve.

The pack of sheets comes in a clear plastic bag.

comes in a pack of ten (10) sheets or lengths of 3 yards (6, 9, 12 or 27 yard rolls coming soon)
each sheet is 8″x9″, each roll is 37″ wide or 18″ wide by the specified length.